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Born in Guadalajara, Aldo DiVece has been traveling to Houston to his second home since 1982. Now a permanent Houstonian, he specializes in helping second homebuyers and investors from Mexico looking to purchase in Houston. According to Aldo, "Representing Latin American buyers calls for special attention in finding the right property in the right neighborhood in a legal and cultural environment different from home." Having lived that process, he understands the differences and can help a buyer make the best investment decision available based on technology, knowledge and experience. Aldo received a BA in Architecture (1993) in Mexico, and a Masters degree in Business (2009) in Houston. His career in sales began in the marketing department at his father's industrial lubricant's and specialties business in Mexico, he worked his way up to a Regional Sales Director, specializing in relationship marketing with multinational companies like ZF Boge, Procter and Gamble, GE Transportation Systems, Cooper Power Systems, and many more. Since 2004, Aldo has been a member of the board of directors of Quaker State Lubricants Western Mexico distribution branch, founded by his Grandfather in the late 1940's. As an architect, Aldo buys "fixer-upper" properties for remodel, then sells or retains them for rental income. Additionally, he is a property manager for his family's assets in Mexico. Aldo is fluent in spoken and written Spanish and English, fluent in spoken Italian and 80% in written, and experienced in sales negotiations in U.S., Mexico, and Latin America. Aldo holds a real estate license in Texas and makes all his experience and passion for Texas available to his fellow Mexican investors looking to purchase in Houston with the support of the Beth Wolff Realtors Team.
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Aldo Di Vece

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